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What do I need to do in order to attend these classes?

It's simple. Please contact Keith Payton at 479-223-3320.  I will be happy to answer any questions about the class.  I will ask you for a bit of information for the class roster. Then,  I will email you a welcome packet. 

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How much is the class and how do I pay?

The Stephenson Method Classes are $350 for 18 hours.  I ask everyone that would like to attend to make arrangements to pay for the class prior to attending.  

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What do I need to bring with me to class?

First, bring your smile and the rest is pretty simple:

  • set of massage sheets
  • 1 hand towel
  • 1 bath towel
  • a pen and notebook 

Everything else will be provided.  I always have fresh coffee brewed and some healthy snacks around the kitchen.  You may bring your lunch or snacks and keep  them in the frig if you like or dine out.

Where is the location of the class?

Currently, the classes are held at Russellville Massage Clinic located at 601 East Parkway, Russellville, Arkansas.  

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How is the class structured and what should I expect when I attend?

Great Question!  All my classes are structured in a small 6 person group.  A small class helps everyone focus on the material and gives everyone a chance to connect with the instruction.   

All of the information is passed on through hands on and lecture.  I want you to see it, touch it, and confidently use it. 

Everyone gets hands on practice.  All the information is fresh, real, and insightful.    

I encourage everyone to have fun, ask questions, and be expressive. 

What massage techniques do you instruct?

I understand many of you reading this may not have heard of the Stephenson Method.That's why these classes are so important. The techniques you will learn are effective, easily applied, and frankly get results.  

For those that don't know how my massage practice developed.  Let me tell you this. My therapeutic practice is built on helping people out of pain, discomfort, and dysfunction.  I use the best techniques that I know for the specific problem. No two massages sessions are ever the same. Reason, the client is never the same.  

Stephenson Method has specific protocols we use to effectively help specific problems.  The use of specific lymphatic, myofascial, cross fiber, and trigger point techniques can bring relief quickly and easily.  Adding Stephenson Method to your handy "tool bag" will benefit you and your clients.

Stephenson Method Classes

Stephenson Method Class 18 Hours


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Please provide that dates you would like to attend or contact Keith at 479-223-3320.

So exciting you are taking these next steps to becoming a better therapist!

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Russellville Massage Clinic is located south of I40 interstate and close to downtown Russellville.  

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