Greeting! My name is Keith

  Greeting! My name is Keith  Thank you for the privilege of engaging you. I have dedicated my career in the hopes of understanding, advancing, and educating my clients, students, and friends. Challenges and compassion are things I admire.  

I could quickly sum up my life as a seeker of understanding. Even at an early age, I took apart my toys to understand how they work. The real gratification was putting them back together and seeing them work again.  Mom was thankful the old zenith computer turned on again after seeing it in parts on the floor.  Haha  

Sometime in my twenties, this childhood curiosity manifested itself in many career choices and life paths. Joining the Army helped to focus some of the energies. Later would be college.   

Entering my thirties as a small business owner; the concept of healing people from physical and mental problems was still missing in life. I tossed around ideas of going back to college to fulfill this void.  It was not until my spouse entered the massage world did I see the answer to the missing element. Here we are a few years later with an established practice and teaching massage classes.    

Inside the Classroom

My motto is simple. Take knowledge and apply it. That simple phrase continues to be my lighthouse in the seas of life. Everything I offer in class has evolved out of countless hours of application and seemingly innumerable hours of previous instruction. I guess what I am saying is this: "I practice what I preach."    

It is incredible when you get two or more persons together the exchange of information is vast. This transfer can be the most potent tool in our arsenal. I teach by example and haven't failed to learn something in every class.  So, ask questions, be involved, and have some fun doing it all.   I limit my classroom to six students per instruction. I believe this allows for a good quality study. 

 I teach all of my classes hands-on. I want you to hear it, feel it, do it, and digest it. I want you to leave with the confidence in what you spent your hard earned money. The idea is for everything you learn from the class is effectively integrated into your practice.  My goal for each student is to leave better than you arrived. I encourage you to sign up today and start a new journey of being better.  


My Life Path

 When I'm not working in my massage practice, you can easily find me at home loving on my fur companions or spending time with family and friends. If you decide to make our acquaintance, you will find a hardy vegan meal on the dining room table with a good bottle of wine. My massage therapist spouse is an avid book collector for all those bookworms who may visit. 

   When I get inspired my imagination compels a mighty brush on canvas. If I'm not painting, find me on an early summer morning casting a fishing rod, or in my small organic garden.     

So, I will leave you with this:   Lover of life but not an adrenaline seeker.  I am the caretaker of my incredible universe where I enjoy many novice creations, Reluctantly cannot consider myself master of many, only one or two. 

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