Therapeutic Bodywork Services

30 Minute Massage $45


Therapeutic massage therapy targeted for  chronic or acute issues of soreness or pain.   $45

45 Minute Massage $55


One of Keith's unique massage services designed to tackle problems that are associated with posture imbalance focusing on upper body or lower body issues.  $55

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1 Hour Massage $65


Through 60 minutes of medium to firm pressure devoted to specific body  problem areas in the muscles and surrounding tissues.  $65

Hour & Half Massage $95


 Full Body therapeutic massage approach on specific problems that could be scattered throughout the body while encouraging the whole body to relax and unwind.   $95

1 Hour Stress Reduction $75


Stress reduction therapeutic massage techniques that require only the gentleness of massage therapy applications. A soothing way of removing stress from the day.  $75

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What Clients Say

Kristin M.


 I never had a professional therapeutic massage before. My head and neck feels much better. Keith is very professional and helped me to relax (which wasn't easy). I would highly recommend him. I'm definitely going back. 

Gary M.


 I was thinking about surgery for my carpal tunnel syndrome as EMG test by my Neurologist suggested. I have lost muscle mass and had constant pain and numbness in my hand. I talked with Keith about the surgery and possible outcomes he has seen in his experience. He worked on my arm, wrist, and hand and it felt better immediately and now three days later, I am typing this with no cramps or pain! I had no idea that massage therapy could work so well and so quickly! Thank You for giving me a better quality of life! I will never hesitate to recommend your services as you truly have some serious skills! I'm sold on Theraputic Massage! I will be back for more! 

Jonna T.


  He's amazing!!!! Best Russellville Massage Therapist I have ever been too!!! 

Laura K.


 Very professional, talented and knowledgeable!!! 

Therapeutic Massage Therapy in Russellville, Arkansas 

Amanda M.


 Keith is an amazing therapeutic massage therapist! You won't be disappointed! 

Patrick L.


Keith's massage therapy helped me recover from a frozen shoulder injury from years ago.  I had been to PT with little results.  I now have my life back!  He's very knowledgeable, professional and cares about you and what you are going through. Thank you!